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Who is Field Harmony?

Field Harmony was born from a need.  Created by two founders, one of whom has owned and operated an appliance repair business in Hawaii for more than 8 years,  we understand exactly how service businesses operate… because we’re a customer as well.

In the IT industry, this concept is known as “eating your own dog food.”  There is no reason for any customer to believe that we really understand your business if they’ve never walked a mile in your shoes.   Field Harmony has been tailored from the ground-up to focus on exactly the business problems and challenges that face actual service operators.

Field Harmony does everything but turn the wrench

Every service operator has likely faced all of the following challenges
Missed appointments due to mis-communication between the office and the field
Losing money on a job due to multiple-trips to pickup parts or tools
Scheduling overlap and conflicts
Ordering parts which are already in-stock due to out-dated lists / spreadsheets
Losing hand-written receipts, notes, or other information
Field Harmony solves these and many more actual problems that service professionals face.

We didn’t build unnecessary features; every part of our software was designed in response to a real problem we experienced.

No unnecessary features

Software designed in response to real problems

Fast, simple, and inexpensive